Asbestos awareness training provides managers and maintenance staff with the tools to discharge their duties with regard to the management of asbestos on a day-to-day basis, and thus comply with Regulation 10 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

AV Asbestos offers two asbestos training options:

For larger clients, AV Asbestos also offers an asbestos training needs consultancy.

Asbestos awareness training for employees

We offer an off-the-shelf asbestos awareness training course for employees who may come into contact with or have a responsibility for asbestos containing materials. Attendance to this course will help employers ensure that they comply with Regulation 10.

The courses are normally held in Reading, Berkshire in a purpose-built conference venue, with nearby parking. The sessions last for about 3-hours, but can be longer once the question and answer session gets going!

The standard AV Asbestos awareness training course considers the following topics:

  • What is asbestos?
  • Why is it so dangerous?
  • What are the diseases caused by asbestos?
  • What were the advantages of asbestos that led to its wide scale use?
  • History of its use.
  • Which buildings are likely to contain asbestos?
  • What do asbestos products look like?
  • Where should you look for them?
  • What is the current legislation?
  • Asbestos removal or asbestos management?

We conclude with a short Health and Safety Executive DVD and a question and answer session. At the end of the session attendees should be able to:

  • understand the dangers to health of asbestos products;
  • identify potential asbestos containing materials;
  • know where to look for these materials;
  • understand your duties under the current legislation;
  • know how to respond when asbestos is found;
  • the use of an asbestos register to alert contractors to asbestos risks; and
  • advise others on the risks and dangers associated with asbestos.

The exact fee, venue details, map to the venue, times, and dates are given in the course diary. However, for the standard three-hour course at our normal venue in Reading is £55 + VAT per person.

Individual certificates are issued to each trainee on completion of the course. These certificates are not a legal requirement, however they offer undeniable evidence that the required training has taken place. If these are urgently required, we will also e-mail a 'locked' PDF file containing the certificate.

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Bespoke training

This is most useful for larger clients. They may cover any aspect of training about asbestos, or just be our off-the-shelf course adjusted to your individual requirements.

One quite popular example of our bespoke training is 'What to do before an inspector calls', which takes the form of a workshop on record keeping and the audit of existing practice.

The courses may be held at our normal training facilities in Reading, Berkshire, or at a venue of your choice, including your own premises. The second option is often preferable because a local event may save larger groups from the time and cost of travelling, or the course may be integrated into a client's wider-ranging event.

In this case, we will provide training throughout the UK. The basic price for a half-day session with up to 15 attendees is £520 + VAT. For two sessions on the same day the basic price is £790 + VAT.

Asbestos training needs consultancy

Designed for larger clients, we will build an asbestos awareness training plan that manages the requirements of an organisation's entire workforce on a post-by-post basis. This will guide the organisation's management on the training levels required throughout the organisation based on location, staff seniority, and responsibility. This may include the management of employees' refresher training (as required under Regulation 10), as well as analysing the initial asbestos awareness training requirements of any recently employed staff.

Highest standards

We work to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) regulations and guidelines.