AV Asbestos conduct surveys to identify asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) and or those presumed to contain asbestos. We conduct two types of survey: 'Management' and 'Refurbishment and demolition'. This may include taking samples for ACM testing. Once the survey process is completed, we will produce a full report, even if the survey is negative. We will then advise about what should be done next. Our surveys are conducted, in accordance with the Health and Safety Executive's guidance.

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To those having duty-holder responsibilities, we provide a first-class wide-ranging asbestos management service, by making sure: all premises are surveyed and documented; the regular checking of ACMs that have been deliberately left in place have not deteriorated; that all the paperwork is kept up-to-date. In fact, everything needed to make sure that the duty holder responsibilities are fulfilled under the regulations. We can integrate these services into any business system.

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If a site potentially contains asbestos-containing materials and demolition or refurbishment is required, we will arrange for the ACM to be removed safely and to the highest standards.

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Highest standards

We work closely with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and our services are performed to their standards. AV Asbestos is a member of Asbestos Control and Abatement Division (ACAD) of the Thermal Insulation Contractors Association (TICA).